• Champion of Rings Amstaff Romania

My name is Adrian and I am the founder and owner of The Champion Of Rings kennel, internationally known F.C.I. by the number 2802 / 06.05.2011, situated in Arad city. My love for animals, especially for dogs, made me analyze more than one breeds to choose a pet from. From all the breeds, American Staffordshire Terrier caught my attention, also known as AMSTAFF, for its qualities. It is a well built beefy dog, agile and gracious, always careful and full of energy, brave and friendly, extremely loyal and affectionate, capable to do anything to please his master. In 2010 I became the owner of one male belonging to this breed. I began watching the specialized expositions and shortly I wanted to participate and, why not, winning some. The year 2011 it’s the year when I founded the kennel and the year Sonya arrived, the niece of the famous BIS / Multi World and Euro Champion Don King Of Ring‘s , coming and being raised in the kennel with the same name from Belgrade, Serbia. I decided to collaborate with a professional handler, in the persona of POPA Cristina, Sonya beginning to win numerous national and international beauty expositions, being the first champion of our kennel

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